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About the CareWare Conference
The City of Aarhus developed the concept of CareWare in 2010 and since then it has become an increasingly popular annual event.
CareWare focuses on new technologies targeted at the fields of healthcare and assisted living. What we normally refer to as welfare and health technologies. Technologies or methodologies for the physical or cognitive rehabilitation of citizens, as well as solutions that contribute to a better work environment of the care staff.

The aim with the CareWare Conference is to enhance innovation and the development of technological solutions - and the dissemination of knowledge about these technologies and their use.

Background and mission

CareWare is part of a strategy that the City of Aarhus uses to further technological advances within health care and assisted living. The city wants to be an attractive partner for both Danish and international companies and scientific institutions from within this field. CareWare is also aimed at strengthening co-operation between enterprises, research and educational institutions, and local as well as regional authorities and institutions throughout the country and in the Nordic  countries. 

Target audience 

CareWare is directed at decision makers and professionals who are working with or for the elderly and people with disabilities or chronic diseases. We are also inviting businesses, entrepreneurs, research & development institutions, as well as educational and training environments with an interest in health and welfare technology.

Future CareWare dates

  • CareWare 2017 4th & 5th of April 2017.
  • CareWare 2018 10th & 11th of April 2018.
  • CareWare 2019 9th & 10th of April 2019.

CareWare 2017

Focus areas

  • Focus 1: Rehabilitation and Health Technologies. Will take place at Vikærgården, a rehabilitation facility of the Municipality of Aarhus.
  • Focus 2: Activity and Training Technologies. Will take place at MarselisborgCentret, a multidisciplinary facility of a number of user and rehabilitation organisations.
  • Focus 3: Community and Communication. Will take place at the School of Engineering, Aarhus University.
  • Focus 4: Freedom, Care and Safety. Will take place at DokkX, the welfare technology exhibition of the Municipality of Aarhus.

Each participant can visit 1 Focus Area per day. Participants will be guided around each Focus Area in smaller groups. 

Each exhibitor has 10 minutes to introduce the product to the group and receive feedback and questions. After those 10 minutes, the group will move to the next exhibitor, and next group will come.

Prices - participants

Both days - including Evening Event - 1,495 DKR per person.

One day - not indluding Evening Event - 995 DKR per person.

Evening event only (or added to participation Tuesday -. 500 DKR per person.

Early bird registration (before February 24th 2017)

Both days - including Evening Event - 1,195 DKR per person.

One day - not indluding Evening Event - 695 DKR per person.

Evening event only (or added to participation Tuesday -. 500 DKR per person.

Prices - exhibitors

Exhibition stand

10,000 DKR per product

This includes the participation of 2 representatives of your organisation at the Evening Event.

Statistics (2016)

Paying visitors: 315

Including 213 Representatives from 45 out of 98 Danish Municipalities (and 3 out of 5 Regions).

38 from 11 different educational institutions.

34 from 22 different companies and organisations.

25 from 3 other Nordic countries.

Exhibitors: 105

93 from 48 companies (and 12 from 4 innovation projects).

Organisers, judges and guides: 83

Total number of participants 2016: 503


Opdateret: 09.5.2017


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